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Item # 7857790 Item # 4901080 Item # 4900160
Face Mask Stainless Steel Mallet
Pack of 50 with a stiff, bendable edge to help mould the mask to your face.

Disposable 3 ply Face Mask

Disposable 3 ply Face Mask - delivery included

 7.5" Utility Shear - Duckbill for lifting metal sheet

Free Freight, NZ$ 14.90

Stainless Steel Mallet

Free freight, NZ$ 21.80


Item # 49012400 Item # 49012400C Item # 4901064
Tweezer Plain Fine Forcep 3.5" Tweezer Curved Forcep 3.5" Spatula Set
Tweezer Plain Fine Forcep - 3.5"

Free freight, NZ$ 16.50

Tweezer Curved Forcep - 3.5"

Free freight, NZ$ 16.50

Spatula Set of 4 Modelling Tools

Free freight, NZ$ 39.90


Embossing Tools - individual items

Item # 4900352 - Small Embossing Tool - Free Freight, NZ$ 15.30

Item # 4900353 - Medium Embossing Tool - Free Freight, NZ$ 15.70

Item # 4900354 - Large Embossing Tool - Free Freight, NZ$ 21.80


Item # 49000353

Wooden Handled Spatula

Spatula - 8" with wooden handle

Free freight, NZ$ 22.70


Item # 4900208
Pet Scaler
Pet Scaler, Stainless Steel, 175mm

Free freight, NZ$ 14.50


Item # 4900225

Spatula - Double Ended, Rounded, Stainless Steel, 165mm

Free Freight, NZ$ 10.20


Item # 4900225a

Spatula - Double Ended, Flexible Stainless Steel, 195mm

Free Freight, NZ$ 10.20


Item # 4909803

Spatula - Stainless Steel, 155mm

Free Freight, NZ$ 13.30


Item # 4909804

Spatula - Stainless Steel, 180mm

Contact us for availability


Item # 4909810

Deluxe Spatula - Stainless Steel, 170mm

Contact us for availability


Item # 4900027
Curved Probe
Curved Probe - Stainless Steel, 150mm

Free Freight, NZ$ 16.50


Item # 1489288
Wooden Modelling Tools
Wooden Modelling Tools - set of 6, approx. 15.5cm long

Free Freight, NZ$ 19.50


Item # 1892537 Item # 1892489
Edge Cutters Tri-Bead Roller

Bevelled Edge Cutters - set of 4

Contact us for availability

Tri-Bead Roller - lay your clay in the channel then roll the top over the clay to make 7 /16" round, 5/ 16 x 5 1/8" oval and 1/2" bicone beads.

Free freight, NZ$ 35.70


Item # 8613021
Eye Pin
Eye Pins, 50mm, Silver, pack of 20

Free freight, NZ$ 15.70


Icing Rollers



This versatile mould making material is simple to use. Simply melt it, then brush it on. Ideal for use with three dimensional objects, making face masks, casting hands etc. Moulds made with Flexwax can be remelted and used again and again.

Flexwax melts to a clear, honey like liquid at 49 degrees Celsius. It can be applied to the skin by brushing or dipping. It cools in a few minutes to form a tough, flexible mould.

Item # 1892772 - Free Freight, NZ$ 99.90/ 2.5lb (1.13kg) block


Make your own Rubber Moulds with Latex Mould Making Rubber.

If the master has significant undercuts, ease the latex away from the undercut and roll off the master. A mould immersed in warm water is easily rolled back to the correct shape.

Item # 410015  250ml Latex Rubber

Item # 410016  500ml Latex Rubber

Item # 410017  1000ml Latex Rubber

Item # 410018  4000ml Latex Rubber

Latex Rubber - Free Freight



This should be aluminium, stainless or tin, copper or zinc are unsuitable.
For small quantities a saucepan can be used, heated over an electric hot plate or gas ring.


Cut the reusable moulding rubber into small pieces and place a handful into the heated vessel.
Commence heating with a moderate heat and stir immediately, the rubber will begin to melt, approx melting time for 500 grams is 30 minutes.
Do not increase the heat, continue to add small amounts of rubber until a sufficient quantity has been melted, continue stirring until the rubber is completely liquid and runs evenly and smooth from a spoon, if smoking starts reduce heat immediately.
It is advisable to use a thermometer in order to check the temperature, this should have a reading up to 200oC. The vessel should be removed from the heat when a temperature of 135oC has been reached, at this temp, the rubber should be completely liquid, allow the rubber to stand for a few minutes until the air bubbles cease to rise. During this period stir gently to assist cooling, when the temperature of the rubber has fallen to l20oC it is ready for pouring.


When the rubber mould becomes damaged or worn out, cut it up, inspect the pieces for clean lines, dirt can be washed off with water, the water will not affect the rubber. The rubber can be melted many times before it looses its elasticity, however it is not advisable to mix up discoloured or burned rubber with new moulding rubber.

Item # 788063  Contact us for availability


Make your own moulds with this food grade silicone - odour free, non-toxic and FDA compliant. The finished moulds are flexible, reuseable, have no shrinkage, are self-releasing (with most uses) with a heat range up to 204 degrees Celsius (400 F).

Silicone Putty is ideal for impression moulds. Putty has a 3 minute work time with a 25 minute cure.

Silicone Rubber is brushable and pourable to create blanket, glove or block moulds. This has a 45 minute to 1 hour working time with a 24 hour cure which can be adjusted by applying heat.
Item # 7533700 and 7533710 Item # 7533720
Silicone Putty Silicone Rubber
Silicone Putty - free freight

NZ$ 155.20 with free freight - 1lb pack



Industrial Design Clay is manufactured in several formulations to suit the exacting requirements of the auto industry and product designers. All formulations can be carved, extruded and slicked to an extremely accurate, glass like finish. The clays join easily, will not show seams, do not crack under normal circumstances, hold fine detail, can be shellacked, painted, reused and moulds can be taken from the surface.

These are all 2lb blocks

CM-50: A “medium-hard”, dark brown formulation, considered the softest of the Hard Styling Clays. Item # 3040001  Free Freight, NZ$ 72.60

J525: A “hard”, light brown formulation. Item # 3040002 Free Freight, NZ$ 72.60

NSP - Sulphur Free to minimise difficulties associated with mould making with Rubber Silicone.

Item # 3043001,  NSP Hard & 3043003,  NSP Soft

NSP Clay Free Freight, NZ$ 72.60



Casting Pigments are water dispersed pigments for plaster, gypsum and cement which becomes the base colour.  Developed for inside/outside use in plasters and cement.  Suitable for other mediums.  Adds strength and chip resistance to dried castings.  Provides easy, uniform dispersion of colour to create a natural, smooth quality surface for detailing and antiquing.  Too much pigment can retard setting time and weaken casting.  Non toxic, environmentally safe, easy water cleanup, light fastness.  Actual colours vary depending on how much pigment you use. 4oz bottle. 

Item # 3087504 - Ebony Black Free Freight, NZ$ 29.90

Item # 3087604 - IvoryFree Freight, NZ$ 29.90


Art and craft sculptural support. Cut with scissors, flexible memory.

Item # 1890213

Item # 1890279

Item # 1890280

Silver Wire Mesh

Brass Wire Mesh

Copper Wire Mesh

100% Aluminium Sparkle Mesh 1/8"
16" x 20" sheet

Free Freight, NZ$ 23.90

100% Brass 80 Mesh Woven

500 x 400mm

Free Freight, NZ$ 53.90

100% Copper 80 Mesh Woven

500 x 400mm

Contact us for availability


Amaco Mesh

Item # 1890010 - Contour Mesh 1/16 - Aluminium 1.5m x 0.5m - Free Freight, NZ$ 92.40

Item # 1890014 - Impression Mesh 1/8 - Copper 1.5m x 0.5m - Contact us for availability

Item # 1890027 - Designers Mesh 18 mesh - Brass 1.5m x 0.5m - Free Freight, NZ$ 91.50

Item # 1890029 - Crafters Mesh 16 mesh - Stainless Steel 1.5m x 0.5m - Free Freight, NZ$ 67.90

Steel Mobile Wire is also available in a variety of thicknesses so contact us and let us know what size you require so that we may confirm its availability for you.

Item # 3415018  0.055" (1.4mm) Steel Mobile Wire, 1yd long lengths, free freight, NZ$ 27.30/ pack of 5.  Pricing is also available for smaller and larger quantities so please contact us with your requirements.


Soft Metal sheets are available in 100% pure pewter, copper, brass, aluminium and coloured aluminium.  It can be used to decorate virtually any object or room in your home.  A fine point stylus is all that is needed to trace a pattern into the metal.

There are two weights of metal sheets  - light & medium.  Light sheets are perfect for intricate detail patterns and decoration of lightweight objects such as greeting cards and gift tags.  The medium weight sheets work well on photo albums, picture frames, gift boxes, as well as for a variety of fine art projects.

Coloured Metal

Item # 1890365 - Copper Medium Weight  9.25 x 12" - NZ$ 58.70
Item # 1890366 - Copper Light Weight  9.25 x 12" - NZ$ 58.70
Item # 1890363 - Pewter Medium Weight  9.25 x 12" - Free Freight, NZ$ 45.50
Item # 36090610 - Brass 0.1mm thick,  600mm wide  -  Free Freight, NZ$ 197.90/ m
  The shopping cart doesn't like part metres so if you need something other than a round figure please contact me
Item # 1890364 - Brass Light Weight  9.25 x 12" - Contact us for availability
Item # 1890368 - Aluminium Light Weight  9.25 x 12" - Contact us for availability
Item # 1890373 - Bright Red Light Weight  9.25 x 60" - Free Freight, NZ$ 31.90
Item # 1890374 - Violet Light Weight  9.25 x 60" - Free Freight, NZ$ 31.90
Item # 1890377 - Bright Gold Light Weight  9.25 x 60" - Free Freight, NZ$ 31.90
Item # 1890378 - Mint Light Weight  9.25 x 60"  - Free Freight, NZ$ 31.90
Item # 1893114 - Black Light Weight  9.25 x 12"  - Free Freight, NZ$ 19.90


These metals are soft and can be deep drawn, and are therefore particularly suitable for metal embossing.  These sheets are coloured on both sides.

Coloured Metal

Item # 3600550 - 0.15mm Silver Aluminium Sheet - A4 size  - Contact us for availability
Item # 3600551 - 0.15mm Gold Aluminium Sheet - A4 size  - Contact us for availability
Item # 3600552 - 0.15mm Copper Aluminium Sheet - A4 size - Contact us for availability
Item # 3600553 - 0.15mm Red Aluminium Sheet - A4 size - Free Freight, NZ$ 12.50
Item # 3600556 - 0.15mm Green Aluminium Sheet - A4 size - Free Freight, NZ$ 12.50
Item # 36005510 - 0.15mm Blue Aluminium Sheet - A4 size - Free Freight, NZ$ 12.50


The copper sheets are produced from pure electrolyte copper.  These copper sheets can be patinated.

Copper Foil

Item # 189999 -   0.10mm Copper Sheet - 23 x 30cm - Free Freight, NZ$ 27.90
Item # 3600810 - 0.10mm Copper Sheet - 600mm wide - Free Freight, NZ$ 163.70/ m

The shopping cart doesn't like part metres so if you need something other than a round figure please contact me


Item # 3600860 - 100ml Copper Toner: Turns Copper black.  Clean Copper with soap & water and lightly buff before pouring toner onto desired area.  - Free Freight, NZ$ 15.60

Item # 3600878 - 100ml Greenspan: turns toned Copper green for an aged look.  Apply once toner has blackened the cleaned copper.

 Free Freight, NZ$ 24.80

Item # 3600868 - 100ml Brass Toner  - Free Freight, NZ$ 49.90

Due to the nature of these three products they are available for shipping only within NZ.


Easy to use plaster cloth. Simply wet it with water and shape it as you wish. Fabric retains its shape as it dries for a smooth finish. Paint or decorate to suit.

Shape bows, use it as the base for scenic landscapes, model train dioramas, sculpting and other sculptures.

Each roll is 10cm wide x 4.5m long.

Item # 1890081

Plaster Bandage
Plaster Bandage

Free Freight, NZ$ 17.90



Textured International designs moulded into flexible, sturdy plastic sheets can be transferred quickly and easily to modelling clays and soft embossing metal sheets.  Press designs into clay or metal sheets using a rolling pin or brayer.  Pass clay and Texture Plate through a Pasta Machine or use a rolling pin to embed design.  Transfer designs to paper by rubbing with coloured pencils or crayons.  Can be used for Greeting Cards, Scrapbooks/Journals and Home Decor Items.  Pack includes the three plates pictured, each 8.5" x 5.5".

Free Freight, NZ$ 29.70

Item # 1890116
Texture Plate Texture Plate Texture Plate


These are not held in stock however we have access to a wide selection of balsa and basswood (harder than balsa) so contact us and let us know what size you require so that we may confirm its availability for you.

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