Highly detailed casting moulds and craft kits.

From moulding powder, plaster of paris and wax, to soap and resin, you can cast any liquid that dries to a solid. Step by step you can be shown how to mould, paint and complete your models. You won't need much extra equipment, just a few household items and any acrylic paint, to make fantastic works of art!

It's easy and it's great fun.

From the simplest, easy to paint models, to the larger and more intricate, you'll find casting tremendous fun.
And the great thing is that it's all your own work. You don't need to be an expert to get great results, so get casting and surprise yourself.

Casting your model.

When casting your model, fill the mould with your liquid mixture, then gently squeeze the mould between your thumb and finger to expel any air bubbles. Pay particular attention to small protruding areas such as noses and ears. Also tap the sides of the mould to encourage the air bubbles to rise to the top. Once complete, fill the mould to the required level and allow to set.

Painting your model.

Any acrylic paint will do the trick. To achieve a more subtle shading and to extend the working time of the paint, it is recommended that you should prime your model with Plaster Sealer before painting.

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