We have access to a huge range of candle making supplies. If you require something which is not shown below please contact us with your request.


Stacking Candles look great and the moulds are so fun and easy to use.  Create simple solid colour candles or make striped or rainbow layered candles.  These moulds are great for the beginner candle maker to use.  They are shallow, so the candle sets up quickly.  Each mould set comes with 6 - 2 cavity moulds, 2 wicks, 1 wicking needle and instructions.

Stacking Candles

Stacking Candles

Item # 3081246 - Heart

NZ$ 24.95


Rolled Candles are formed by rolling a sheet of pliable wax around a wick. Pre-formed beeswax sheets are popular for this purpose.


Container Candles are created by pouring melted wax into containers. A soft, low melting point wax will melt down the sides of the container. A semi-rigid wick having a core of paper or zinc is used so that the wick will remain upright in the pool of molten wax. The wick is crimped in a wick clip to position it on the bottom of the container.


Votives are moulded of soft wax and equipped with a wick clip and a semi-rigid wick. They are burned in small glass containers and are easily replaced when consumed.


Tapers are formed by repeatedly dipping lengths of wick into wax. The paraffin wax used must have good adhesive qualities so the layers will not delaminate. Beeswax is also popular for this purpose.


Moulded Candles are created by pouring melted wax into a mould, from which it is removed when hardened. The mould may be metal, plastic, a flexible material such as latex or silicone, or it may be a cavity formed in damp sand. A medium temperature wax is usually used with a flat braid or square braid wick.


Granulated Wax Candles are created when a special Granulated Wax is poured into a container (usually a glass tumbler) a rigid wax coated wick is placed in the centre. A piece of paper is then placed over the top of the candle and a hot iron is placed on the paper. The wax granules melt at the surface and seal in the other granules. As the candle burns the wax continues to melt thus keeping the candle sealed at all times. These types of candles are great for children because no "melting" of wax is involved.


Simply fill a glass container with water, add a drop of scent and a layer of vegetable oil. Place a floater with wick on the surface and light.

Floating Candles Button


Melt the Gel Wax, add colour or scent if desired, place zinc core wick into glass container and pour in the wax.

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Item # 4450001

Flat Wick - Fine (24 ply)

Approx. 40m roll or by the metre

24 ply Wick
Item # 4450002

Flat Wick - Medium (36 ply)

Approx. 40m roll or by the metre

36 ply Wick
Item # 4450003

Flat Wick - Heavy (60 ply)

Approx. 40m roll or by the metre

60 ply Wick

Other sizes can be manufactured by request in 50lb minimums.

Zinc Core,
Item # 4452001 - # 36 and Item # 4452002 - # 60 - excellent for Gel Candles and items requiring a higher burning temperature. If being used in glass containers a wick clip must be used. 5m packs.

1/2" Wide Flat, Unbleached Cotton, Item # 195012 - excellent for oil and Hurricane Lamps. 2' packs

1" Wide Flat, Unbleached Cotton, Item # 195011 - excellent for oil and Hurricane Lamps. 3m packs

Round Oil Lamp Wick, Item # 4452836 - 4mm (approx.) wide and hollow to draw the oil up the wick. 5m packs

Bottle Lamp Wick, Item # 1952300 - 2' of 1/8" Fibreglass for Oil Lamps.

Bevelled Converter Disc, Item # 3080303 - 2", Item # 3080305 - 3".  Convert your glassware into a liquid candle.

 Assorted Wick - Free Freight


Item # 7451097 - 15mm, packet of 10
Item # 7451098 -
, packet of 10
Wick Clips


Approx. 15gm blocks, NZ manufactured - enough for about 5kg to a medium shade
Black,  Blue,  Brown,  Green,  Orange,  Purple,  Red,  Yellow.

NZ Candle Dye - Free Freight

Candle Dye Plugs

Fluorescent Green Dye Block, enough for approx. 8kg wax

Item # 3081094,  Free freight  NZ$ 12.30


Candle Dye Chips, enough for approx. 4kg wax
Black,  Blue,  Burgundy,  Butterscotch,  Hunter Green,  Orange,  Pale Pink,  Purple,  Ruby Red.

Free freight  NZ$ 7.10/ pack of 10 chips

Candle Dye Chips

Fluorescent Chips, enough for approx. 4kg wax
Apricot,  Magenta.
These suspend, so use small quantities to minimise smoking. Vybar is also recommended to aid absorption.

Free freight  NZ$ 7.10/ pack of 10 chips

Candle Dye Chips


Blocks, enough for approx. 25kg wax  (Suitable for Gel Wax - shave off small portions at a time to minimise clouding)
Blue,  Fuchsia,  Gold,  Green,  Lavender,  Orange,  Orchid,  Red,  Yellow.

Free freight  NZ$ 23.30

Candle Dye Blocks


Liquid Candle Dye (Suitable for Gel Wax) - 1 oz or 8 oz bottles.
Black,  Blue,  Green,  Red,  White,  Yellow.

For Paraffin Wax - Use 1 tablespoon per 2 pounds of wax.
For Gel Wax - Use by the drop until desired colour is reached.

Free freight  NZ$ 25.90

Liquid Candle Dye



(for manufacturers)

1oz will colour approximately 45kg of paraffin wax

2oz pots - Black,  Brown,  Blue,  Fluoro Green,  Forest Green,  Fuchsia,  Gold,  Hunter Green,  Lime Green,  Red,  Ruby Red,  Yellow.

2oz Powder Candle Dye - Free Freight

4oz pots -   Gold,  Ivory,  Purple.

4oz Powder Candle Dye - Free Freight

16oz pots - Black,  Red

16oz Powder Candle Dye - Free Freight


Rub 'n Buff - 15ml tubes
Wax based paint, excellent for decorating candles. Rub on with your finger or a soft cloth.

Antique Gold, Autumn Gold, Ebony, European Gold, Gold Leaf, Grecian Gold, Pewter, Sapphire, Silver Leaf and Spanish Copper.


Item # 1896361 - Gold Leaf

NZ$ 29.95

Item # 1896362 - Antique Gold

NZ$ 29.95

Item # 1896371 - Grecian Gold

NZ$ 29.95

Item # 1896372 -  Autumn Gold

NZ$ 29.95

Item # 1896379 - European Gold

NZ$ 29.95

Item # 1896368 - Spanish Copper

NZ$ 29.95

Item # 1896369 - Ebony

NZ$ 29.95

Item # 1896374 -  Sapphire

NZ$ 29.95

Item # 1896380 - Pewter

NZ$ 29.95

Item # 1896370 - Silver Leaf

NZ$ 29.95


Use approx. 1/ 16oz of scent/ pound of Gel Wax and approx. 1/2oz of scent/ pound of Paraffin Wax.

The scents below are stock items however they can also be ordered in 1oz,  2oz,  4oz,  8oz & 16oz bottles. Contact us for availability.

0.5oz bottle - Eucalyptus - not suitable for Gel Wax. Delivery included, NZ$ 16.90

Item # 30810332 Chocolate - 30ml (not for Gel)

Free Freight, NZ$ 26.50

Item # 3081303 Cinnamon - 30ml

Contact us for availability

Item # 3081338 Citronella - 30ml (not for Gel)

Free Freight, NZ$ 26.50

Item # 3081331 Clove - 30ml

Free Freight, NZ$ 26.50

Item # 3081306 Coconut - 30ml

Free Freight, NZ$ 26.50

Item # 3080345 Coffee - 30ml

Free Freight, NZ$ 26.50

Item # 3080323 French Vanilla - 30ml

Free Freight, NZ$ 26.50

Item # 3081335 Green Apple - 30ml

Contact us for availability

Item # 3081337 Lavender - 30ml

Free Freight, NZ$ 26.50

Item # 3081327 Lilac - 30ml

Free Freight, NZ$ 26.50

Item # 3080329 Lime - 30ml

Free Freight, NZ$ 26.50

Item # 3081361 Papaya, Mango & Pineapple - 30ml (not suitable for Gel)

Free Freight, NZ$ 26.50

Item # 3080308 Passionfruit Mango - 30ml

Free Freight, NZ$ 26.50

Item # 3081325 Pomegranate - 30ml

Contact us for availability

Item # 30810371 Raspberry - 30ml

Free Freight, NZ$ 26.50

Item # 3081321 Strawberry - 30ml

Contact us for availability

Item # 3081386 Vanilla Bean (also suitable for Soy Wax)  - 30ml

Free Freight, NZ$ 26.50

Item # 3081372 White Tea and Vanilla - 30ml

Free Freight, NZ$ 26.50

Item # 3081394 Ylang-Ylang - 30ml

Free Freight, NZ$ 26.50

Item # 30850455 Amber Clove - 60ml

Free Freight, NZ$ 39.90

Item # 30850443 Christmas Tree - 60ml

Contact us for availability

Item # 2388311R Dozen Roses - 60ml

Free Freight, NZ$ 39.90

Item # 3080335 Magnolia - 60ml

Free Freight, NZ$ 39.90

Item # 3080314 Peach - 60ml

Contact us for availability

Item # 30850328 Scents of Christmas - 60ml

Free Freight, NZ$ 39.90

Item # 30850457 Spiced Wood - 60ml

Free Freight, NZ$ 39.90

Item # 3080312 Wild Cherry - 60ml

Free Freight, NZ$ 39.90

Item # 30850344 Winter Berries - 60ml

Contact us for availability

Item # 3081117 Pine (solid block) - 0.75oz

Free Freight, NZ$ 11.30

Item # 3080355 Apple Pie - 30ml

Free Freight, NZ$ 26.50


Item # 3080022  -  Eye Droppers  for scent application

  Free Freight, NZ$ 11.50/ pack of 3

Item # 187001  -  3ml Syringes  -  Perfect for adding measured quantities of scent into the wax. Pull the top back to draw the liquid into the measured syringe - medical grade.

Free Freight, NZ$ 5.80/ pack of 3



Paraffin 143. This is available per kg, by the 5kg slab or in a 25kg box. If you're outside NZ then please contact us for pricing.

Paraffin Wax - Free freight within NZ

Soy Wax - EcoSoya Quantum Wax is designed for pillar candles with a melt point of 46.1C.

CB-135 Soy Wax is a blend of soy beans and botanical oils to make a soot free wax. Designed for container candles with a melt point of 50C.

If you're outside NZ then please contact us for pricing.

Soy Wax - Free freight within NZ

Beeswax Block - This is available per 30gm block (approx) or per kg. For quantities other than in lots of 3, contact us for pricing.

Beeswax Blocks - Free freight - small blocks in multiples of 3

Beeswax Crinkle Sheets, Item # 272010 - 20 x 42cm - pack of 6 - Free Freight, NZ$ 29.30


Gel Wax - 23oz Jars, Item # 3080000-  Free Freight, NZ$ 69.90

Gel Wax Candles Button

Wax Thermometers, Item # 745021-  Free Freight, NZ$ 33.60


 Candle Fitter Adhesive - 14 pieces - makes any candle fit any sized holder
Tear off a strip and begin to wrap around the base of the candle, flattening the wax to the desired thickness as you go. The Candle Fitter Adhesive will grip the sides of the holder to give the candle stability. Reuseable once the candle has burnt down.

Candle Fitter Adhesive

Free Freight, NZ$ 8.40


Letter Sealing Wax - 4" long with wick.
Black,  Burgundy,  Copper,  Forest Green,  Lilac,  Metallic Blue,  Metallic Gold,  Red,  Royal Blue,  Royal Purple,  Silver,  Victorian Blue,  White.

Letter Sealing Wax - Free Freight

Letter Sealing Wax - Free Freight


Bottle Sealing Wax Coloured (FDA approved) - per kg. The shopping cart doesn't like part kilos so for quantities that are not a straight kilo please contact us.
Black,  Blue,  Burgundy,  Green,  Gold,  Red,  White,  Yellow - dip your bottle into the wax then plunge into cold water for a glossy, wax covered top. Excellent for preserving corks and other stoppers and to reduce air flow through the stopper.

Bottle Sealing Wax - free freight, NZ$

Star Dipping Wax - Item # 3082120 - Contact us for availability

A unique blend of wax specially formulated to produce a starburst effect.  Made to be an overdip wax.  Do not pour into moulds or containers.  Just dip your candle and watch the stars appear!!!

Wax Sheets - per pack of 8. Sheets 20 x 10cm.
Fold and shape to create individual candles or embellishments - instruction sheet included.

Colours are listed below.

Item # 3082303
Black,  Chestnut,  Dark Olive,  Khaki Green,  Mocha,  Pumpkin,  Scarlet,  Tangerine

NZ$ 28.95


Liquid Candle Lamp Oil - Item # 3082150.  16oz bottle.  Highest quality smokeless and odourless candle oil for hours of relaxation.  Can be coloured with Liquid Candle Dye.  Because this item is highly flammable it is only available to New Zealand customers.

Free Freight, NZ$ 27.20


Translucent Crystals

Helps to raise the melting point of the wax to allow the candle to burn longer. Produces more vivid colours and helps to eliminate surface bubbles. Translucent Crystals are particularly effective when embedding wax chunks or other items in the candle. Use 1 tablespoon per kilo of wax.

Item # 745006 - 100gm packets Item # 745009 - 1kg packets Item # 745011 - 5kg packets
NZ$ 12.25
NZ$ 54.65
NZ$ 255.20

Stearic Acid / Stearine -

Item # 745002 -250gm bags

Item # 745003 -1kg bags

Item # 745001 - 5kg bags

Item # 745012 - 25kg bags

Improves finish and burning quality. Use 2 tablespoons per kilo of wax for pastel colours. 8 tablespoons per kilo will produce a lighter candle.


Stearine - Free Freight

Release-o-Wax -

Item # 745018 - 60gm bags

Item # 745019 - 1lb bags.

Non-toxic. Does not affect the colour and ensures easy release from a mould. Use 1 teaspoonful per pound of wax.

Release-o-Wax - Free Freight

Vybar -

 Item # 745024 - 230gm bags

Item # 745022 - 460gm bags

Item # 745023 - 2.27kg bags.

Helps eliminate bubbles and mottling, increases hardness and surface gloss. Gives candle colours a creamy, more pastel appearance. Use 1 tablespoon per kilo of wax.

Vybar - Free Freight

Snowflake Oil - Item # 3081272 - 8oz bottle.

Mottling Oil for Sub-surface crystal effect.
The number of Snowflakes will vary depending upon the amount of oil in the wax and the amount of Snowflake oil added. Add 5 tablespoons of Snowflake Oil to 2 pounds of wax. This will give a scattered appearance - more oil will increase the concentration.

Do NOT add Translucent or Opaque Crystals to this product as they absorb oil.

Snowflake Oil - NZ$ 9.95


We have access to a huge range of metal, plastic and rubber candle moulds available or you can make your own with silicon rubber.

Make your own moulds with this food grade silicone - odour free, non-toxic and FDA compliant. The finished moulds are flexible, reuseable, have no shrinkage, are self-releasing (with most uses) with a heat range up to 204 degrees Celsius (400 F).

Silicone Putty is ideal for impression moulds. Putty has a 3 minute work time with a 25 minute cure.

Silicone Rubber is brushable and pourable to create blanket, glove or block moulds. This has a 45 minute to 1 hour working time with a 24 hour cure which can be adjusted by applying heat.
Item # 7533700 and 7533710 Item # 7533720
Silicone Putty Silicone Rubber
Silicone Putty - free freight
NZ$ 155.20 with free freight - 1lb pack


Item # 3081146 Item # 3080260
Taper Dipping Frame Dipping Vat
Taper Candle Dipping Frame

 Metal frame for dipping up to 6 taper candles at once. Wrap wick around the arms of the frame. Adjustable arms make candles up to 13.5" in length.

Free Freight, NZ$ 169.95

Dipping Vat - 6 x 15"

This 2 piece vat can be used for dipping up to 4 taper candles with a taper dipping frame as well as almost any dip and carve application. It can also be used as a water bath container for metal and plastic moulds up to 4" diameter and 14" high.

Free Freight, NZ$ 210.30

Mould Stand only, Item # 2380014 - 6" white plastic stand. Free Freight, NZ$ 13.20

Side Clamps only,
Item # 2380012 - 12" long Free Freight, NZ$ 13.80

Miracle Seal, 
Item # 2380521 -
This Miracle Seal will stop any leak in any type of candle mould, metal, plastic, rubber, etc.  It will create a permanent repair in minutes.  A must for any candle making studio.  It is black in colour and comes in 2.5" x 4" section. Free Freight, NZ$ 12.00

Mould Weight
Item # 2380000 - A flexible 1 foot length of 0.25" Diameter Lead.  Ideal for weighting down metal and plastic candle moulds when cooling in water bath.  Simply wrap the length of lead around the base of the mould before setting in water bath. Contact us for availability




Specially formulated Water decal paper for candle and soap crafts for use with an Inkjet printer.  Can also be used on Plastic, Glass & model cars & airplanes just like regular decals.  Use to colour copy your favourite photos onto and make unique keepsake candles and soap.  Packet of 2 sheets.  Each sheet is 8.5 x 11".

Item # 3081720 - Plain (white background)

Item # 3081721 - Clear

Decal Paper

Decal Paper - pack of 2 sheets


Decal Paper - free freight, NZ$


  • Print your design using an ink-jet printer then spray the entire sheet with an acrylic gloss spray.
  • Cut around your desired decal design by cutting approximately ” halo around the image.
  • Place decal in a shallow bowl of warm water for approximately 30 seconds.
  • While the decal is soaking, dip the tip of your finger in the water and lightly wet the area of the candle where the decal will be put. This will make the decal slide on more easily.
  • Carefully take the decal out of the water with the paper backing still attached and place it on the candle. Lightly hold one edge of the decal in place and slide the paper backing out from under the image.
  • While the decal is still wet, carefully adjust it and smooth out any wrinkles or air bubbles with the tip of your finger and gently dab off excess water with a paper towel. The decal is very fragile at this point. Handle delicately.
  • Allow candle and decal to dry completely before using.

NOTE: Decals will come off the candle if scratched, gouged, or handled too roughly. Otherwise they should last throughout the life of the candle.