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12" REUSABLE ICING BAGS (Polypropelene):

12" Icing Bags, Delivery included

Item # 1484287 Item # 1484289 Item # 1484288
White Pearl Cupcake Wraps Baby Girl Cupcake Wraps Baby Boy Cupcake Wraps
White Pearl Cupcake Wraps, 24/ box

1 7/8" x 2 1/8"

Delivery included, NZ$ 22.70

Baby Girl Cupcake Wraps, 24/ box

Delivery included, NZ$ 23.95

Baby Boy Cupcake Wraps, 24/ box

Delivery included, NZ$ 23.95


These are 1mm thick, excellent for displaying a cake and are coloured silver on one side so that you don't need to cover them.

The price includes delivery and is based on 1 board/ cake however if you need more than one board, please contact us as the freight charge will not change so the per item price will reduce accordingly. The 6" Cards are $ 1.70,  8" are $ 1.80,  10" are $ 2.00 and the 12" are $ 2.80 each + freight for 2 or more.

Silver Cake Cards, Delivery included


Perfect for Wedding favours, party gifts and more! The boxes come flat for shipping and without embellishments so you can add your own personal flair.

Item # 1480413 Item # 1480415 Item # 1480416
Hexagon Cake Box Wing Top Cake Box Heart Top Cake Box
Pearl White Hexagon Cake Box

Pack of 12 NZ$ 13.50 with Delivery included

Pearl White Wing Top Cake Box

Pack of 12 NZ$ 13.50 with Delivery included

Pearl White Heart Top Cake Box

Pack of 12 NZ$ 12.70 with Delivery included


Item # 1480429 Item # 1484281 Item # 1484312, 3 and 4
Ribbon Tie Cake Box Swiss Dot Cake Box Noodle Box
Cream Laser Cut with Ribbon Tie Cake Box

Pack of 12 NZ$ 29.80 with Delivery included

Cream Swiss Dot Cake Box
3.5 x 3.5"

Pack of 12 NZ$ 29.80 with Delivery included

8oz Noodle Box
Gold, Silver or Red

Pack of 5 NZ$ 16.20 with Delivery included

Noodle Boxes


Item # 81913902

Item # 81913941

Item # 81914045

Item # 81914046

Cake Box

Cake Box

Cake Box

Cake Box

Cake Box Purse
2.5 x 1.5 x 3"

Please contact us for availability

White Cake Box
4 x 2.7 x 1.5"

White Cake Box Carousel Vase - 2 x 4.5"

Pack of 10 NZ$ 26.00 with Delivery included

White Cake Box -  2.7 x 2.1 x 1"

Pack of 10 NZ$ 20.00 with Delivery included


Item # 181001 Item # 181002 Item # 181003
CorrugatedChocolate Box Corrugated Hexagon Box Corrugated Vase Box
Corrugated Chocolate Box - 29 x 15cm

Please contact us for availability

Corrugated Hexagon Box - 12 x 3cm

Pack of 10 NZ$ 26.50 with Delivery included

Corrugated Vase Box - 12 x 20cm

Pack of 10 NZ$ 26.50 with Delivery included



Perfect for decorating anything requiring a touch of sparkle & glamour - cakes, coffees, cocktails, decorated glasses, desserts etc.

Covering an item solidly can be accomplished two ways.

Lay a sheet of Leaf flat on a surface and then take the item (such as a chocolate truffle) and turn it upside down and place it in the centre of the gold or silver leaf. Then gently roll the item to one side, and then the other. The Leaf will stick to any item which is remotely moist.

Alternatively, take a sheet of Leaf from the pack touching only the white paper which actually holds the gold/ silver. Very gently turn the sheet of paper, and Leaf, upside down and lay on the top of your food item. Wait a moment and then lift the white paper off - do not touch the Leaf otherwise damage and breakage may occur.

Should you be attempting to garnish an item which has already dried (chocolate ganache) or is quite inherently dry (sugar cookies), very lightly moisten the food surface. A perfect solution is to spray a small amount of water from a canister over the items. The mist filters down and leaves just enough moisture on your items to insure they adhere.

Gold will not lose its shine up to 325 and can be frozen!

A tweezer is included with the petals so that they can be placed as required or simply sprinkle them as desired.

All pure gold and silver products are made in Italy and adhere to the FDA Guidelines of edibility.

Item # 9941004

Item # 9941006

Item # 9941005

Edible Gold Leaf - Book 25 Leaves

Edible Gold Leaf - Book 25 Leaves

Edible Gold Leaf Petals - 15gm

Edible Gold 23k Leaf
Book 25 Leaves
(85mm Square)

NZ$ 197.90 with Delivery included

Edible Silver Leaf
Book 25 Leaves
(4.5" Square)

NZ$ 69.90 with Delivery included

Edible Gold 23k Petals 0.15gm

NZ$ 99.90 with Delivery included



Make your own moulds with this food grade silicone - odour free, non-toxic and FDA compliant. The finished moulds are flexible, reuseable, have no shrinkage, are self-releasing (with most uses) with a heat range up to 204 degrees Celsius (400 F).

Silicone Putty is ideal for impression moulds when using chocolate, ice cubes, icing and general baking.  Putty has a 3 minute work time with a 25 minute cure.

Silicone Rubber is brushable and pourable to create blanket, glove or block moulds. This has a 45 minute to 1 hour working time with a 24 hour cure which can be adjusted by applying heat.

Item # 7533700 and 7533710 Item # 7533720
Silicone Putty Silicone Rubber
Silicone Putty - Delivery included
NZ$ 155.20 with Delivery included - 1lb pack

Item # 22340614
Cow Cookie Cutter
Cow Cookie Cutter - 2.75 x 4"

Delivery included, NZ$ 4.90

Item # 1892517

Item # 1892537

Edge Cutters

Edge Cutters

Bevelled Edge Cutters - set of 8

Please contact us for availability

Bevelled Edge Cutters - set of 4

Please contact us for availability

Stainless Steel Embossing Tools
Item # 4900352 - Small Embossing Tool - NZ$ 12.75
Item # 4900353 - Medium Embossing Tool - NZ$ 12.75
Item # 4900354 - Large Embossing Tool - NZ$ 18.95

Item # 829001
Cake Skewers

Cake Skewers

Pack of 10, NZ$ 5.00 with Delivery included

Item # 4900208
Pet Scaler
Pet Scaler, Stainless Steel, 175mm

Delivery included, NZ$ 14.50

Item # 4900225

Spatula - Double Ended, Rounded, Stainless Steel, 165mm

Delivery included, NZ$ 10.20

Item # 4900225a

Spatula - Double Ended, Flexible Stainless Steel, 195mm

Please contact us for availability

Item # 4909803

Spatula - Stainless Steel, 155mm

Delivery included, NZ$ 13.30

Item # 4909804

Spatula - Stainless Steel, 180mm

Contact us for availability

Item # 4909810

Deluxe Spatula - Stainless Steel, 170mm

Contact us for availability

Item # 49000353
Wooden Handled Spatula
Spatula - 8" with wooden handle

Delivery included, NZ$ 22.70

Item # 1485600 Item # 1480296
Dipping Tool Set Silicon Spatula Set
3 Piece Dipping Tool Set

Delivery included, NZ$ 14.70

4 Piece White Silicon Spatula Set

Delivery included, NZ$ 7.50

Item # 4900027
Curved Probe
Curved Probe - Stainless Steel, 150mm

Delivery included, NZ$ 16.50

Item # 49012400 Item # 49012400C Item # 4901064
Tweezer Plain Fine Forcep 3.5" Tweezer Curved Forcep 3.5" Spatula Set
Tweezer Plain Fine Forcep - 3.5"

Delivery included, NZ$ 16.50

Tweezer Curved Forcep - 3.5"

NZ$ 9.95

Spatula Set of 4 Modelling Tools

NZ$ 19.95

Item # 4901129
4 prong Grabber
4 Prong Cashew Grabber

Delivery included, NZ$ 23.90

Item # 1892489
Tri-Bead Roller
Tri-Bead Roller - lay your clay in the channel then roll the top over the clay to make 7 /16" round, 5/ 16 x 5 1/8" oval and 1/2" bicone beads.

Delivery included, NZ$ 35.70

Item # 187001 Items # 1480559 & 1480560 Item # 4901630 & Item # 4901630b
Syringe Rotary Cutter Aluminium Knife  Blade
3ml Syringes - medical grade

Delivery included, NZ$ 5.80/ pack of 3

Rotary Cutter with cushion grip - 28mm and 45mm
Rotary Cutter - Delivery included
   Aluminium Knife and Blade - included with knife

Spare Blades available in packs of 3

Aluminium Knife - Delivery included:

Also available is Edible Wafer Paper (Rice Paper) - Item # 242001.  This paper can be cut into shapes and decorated, is kosher and suitable for vegetarians.  Ingredients are Potato Starch, Water and Vegetable oil.  Can also be put through a printer (with special edible inks). Paper is available in a pack of five 8 x 11" sheets.

Delivery included, NZ$ 11.90 for packs of 5

Pencil Pop Sucker Sticks  - Item # 223544. Turn your pen or pencil into a lollipop.

Sucker Stick

Delivery included, NZ$ 7.90 for packs of 12


Kraft Sticks (Ice block sticks) are flat and 110mm long. Available in packets of 50 - Item # 368018 and packets of 1000 - Item # 368019.

Lollipop Sticks

Item # 2238838 - Lollipop Sticks are round and come in 100mm long which available in packs of 50,  100,  500 and 1,000 as well as Item # 1485005  which are 150mm long and are available in packs of 50.

Sticks,  Delivery included

Sanding Sugar - fine sugar is excellent for filling in brightly coloured designs on cakes, cookies and cupcakes.  Brilliant edible glitter in a variety of colours is great for stencilling, highlighting messages, snow scenes and grass.  Comes in a 4oz tub.


Item # 4961004 - Clear Sanding Sugar

Item # 4961024 - Blue Sanding Sugar

Item # 4961074 - Yellow Sanding Sugar

Item # 4961114 - Green Sanding Sugar

Item # 4961134 - Orange Sanding Sugar

Item # 49615074 - Pastel Yellow Sanding Sugar

Item # 49615114 - Pastel Sage Sanding Sugar

Item # 49615284 - Pastel Turquoise Sanding Sugar

Item # 4961354 -  Gold Sanding Sugar
Item # 4961364 -  Silver Sanding Sugar

Sanding Sugar,  Free Delivery,  NZ$


Coloured Piping Gel is available in tube form and ready to decorate - Gel Writers

Green Piping Gel Tub - It retains its form without drooping or running, has a pleasant flavour and wonderful aroma.  It is a wonderful decorating tool that will allow you to use your imagination and creativity.  10oz tub.

Item # 4965003 - Green

Delivery included, NZ$ 17.90

Piping Gel
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