Item # 3926632
Cupcakes and Cookies
Cupcakes and Cookies by Frances McNaughton & Lisa Slatter

NZ$ 45.70 with free freight

40 designs for birthdays, engagements, weddings, new babies, parties and more. Clear instructions show you how to make each design and simple recipes for basic cupcakes and cookies are included.


Item # 3928629
Decorating Cakes with Chocolate by Katrien van Zyl
Decorating Cakes with Chocolate

NZ$ 42.90 with free freight

Katrien loves chocolate and uses it in cake decorating because it not only tastes delicious, but is so versatile. In this book she shows you how to create beautifully decorated cakes: fresh, contemporary, fun and irresistible. It is filled with techniques and ideas for everyone, whether you just want to decorate a ready-made cake or use one of the scrumptious recipes in the book to bake it from scratch, whether you only bake occasionally or do it for a living. Whether you buy a ready-made cake or take the time to lovingly bake your own cake from the luscious recipes at the end of this book, whether you only bake occasionally or bake for profit, I would like to teach you a few techniques which, once mastered, will give you the ability to decorate your cake quickly and easily to be a show-stopper on any occasion.


Item # 39287448
Sensational Sugar Animals
Sensational Sugar Animals by Frances McNaughton

NZ$ 54.90 with free freight

This 128 page book by Frances McNaughton shows how to make natural looking sugar animals - Lion, Cat, Meerkat, Gorilla, Polar Bear and more. 

16 projects, 500 photographs, clear instructions and templates provided where needed


Item # 3928834
Decorating Christmas Cakes
Decorating Christmas Cakes by Paul Bradford and David Brice

NZ$ 59.90 with free freight

Renowned sugarcrafter, Paul Bradford demonstrates all the skills and techniques needed to decorate stunning cakes for the festive season, full of beauty, impact and humour. He begins by showing step by step how to model basic shapes in sugarpaste, moving on to making a Santa, a penguin and a rose. There is step by step instruction on covering a cake with ganache, icing a cake and board and applying a ribbon. Then it is on to fourteen amazing projects including a hilarious Snowball Fight, beautiful Angel cake, stunning Winter Ruffle with modelling chocolate, a cute Teddy Bear cake, an Igloo with cute, funny penguins, a stunning Christmas Wedding Cake, White Out in which Santa has a spectacular sleigh crash, hilarious and whimsical Christmas Down Under showing Santa on his holidays, Exploding Santa in which he bursts out of the cake itself, a beautiful Topsy-Turvy Wedding Cake and a traditional Gingerbread House cake. The cake designs are the star here, and everything you   need to know from carving the cakes into shape, covering, icing and decorating them is shown step by step so that quite sensational cakes can be created using simple techniques.


Item # 3926724 Item # 3927639
Sugar Birds by Frances McNaughton Celebration Cake Pops by Paula MacLeod
20 Sugar Birds by Frances McNaughton

NZ$ 19.95 with free freight

Instructions for a Cockatoo, Eagle, Flamingo, Hummingbird, Kingfisher, Lovebirds, Owl, Macaw, Mallard, Ostrich, Peacock, Pelican, Penguin, Puffin, Robin, Rooster, Stork, Swan, Turkey and Woodpecker,

Celebration Cake Pops by Paula MacLeod

NZ$ 23.90 with free freight

These cute little cakes on sticks are perfect to celebrate any occasion. Paula Macleod shows you how to make these amazing treats using a few simple tools and techniques. Choose between the creepy Halloween Witch, the romantic Valentine Chocolate Cake, the adorable Easter Bunny and the beautiful Fairy - a total of 20 creations plus variations are in this book.


 Kraft Sticks (Ice block sticks) are flat and 110mm long. Available in packets of 50 - Item # 368018 and packets of 1000 - Item # 368019.

Item # 2238838 -  Lollipop Sticks are round and come in 100mm long which available in packs of 50,  100,  500 and 1,000 as well as Item # 1485005  which are 150mm long and are available in packs of 50.

Sticks,  Free freight


Item # 3928322 Item # 3928445
Sugar Wobblies by Georgie Godbold Mini Sugar Shoes by Frances McNaughton
Sugar Wobblies by Georgie Gobdold

NZ$ 23.90 with free freight

Included in the book are instructions on how to make a cow, cat, dog, bunny, frog, dinosaur, bee, bear, an assortment of fairies and much more. This fun, adorable book contains step-by-step instructions and helpful photographs to help you begin your sugarcraft journey and create lovely sugary things to amaze your friends and family!

Mini Sugar Shoes by Frances McNaughton

NZ$ 23.90 with free freight

From gorgeous flirty bling beauties to fun, fluffy slippers and comfortable fashion boots, best-selling sugarcraft author, Frances McNaughton shows how to create tasty footwear some with matching bags and an assortment of sweet embellishments.


Item # 3928643 Item # 39288452
Mini Sugar Bags by Frances McNaughton Chocolate Animals by Frances McNaughton
Mini Sugar Bags by Frances McNaughton

NZ$ 23.90 with free freight

No specialist moulds or cutters are required, just commonly used sugarcraft tools and materials. The following are some of the projects: a clutch bag, starry evening bag, basket, zebra print bag, leopard vanity case, gel bag, sheepskin bag, camouflage bag, backpack, designer satchel and sporran. The constituent parts of the bags are shown with the step by step instructions, and annotated for clarity, then the finished items are pictured.

Chocolate Animals by Frances McNaughton

NZ$ 23.90 with free freight

This book with 20 projects features a menagerie of chocolate creatures made using white, milk and dark chocolate modelling paste, enhanced with chocolate buttons, sprinkles, chocolate spreads and confectionery.



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