Names may vary around the world, Tapestry, Canvaswork, Needlepoint, Cross Stitch, are just a few. In the New Zealand context, Tapestry is the art of working a design with wool or cotton thread onto a woven tapestry canvas base. The design may be completely free-hand, counted from a chart, or worked onto a pre-printed canvas. It is the pre-printed canvases we are featuring here.

Threads and stitches may vary to give special effects. This is particularly so on cushions, wall hangings and free-hand work. But the pictorial work featured here tends to be worked in a repetitive stitch, such as Half Cross Stitch or Longstitch. Whichever stitch you choose to use on your pictorial design ensure all stitches lay the same way so that they are in harmony.

This is just a selection of our vast range so if you're after a design which isn't shown, feel free to ask.

We can also print a design of your own up to 24.5 x 36cm so contact us for details.


12/ " and 14/ White Interlock Canvas, 1m wide (US)

Smyrna Canvas, 3.25/ ", 1m wide (French)

Soudan Canvas, 5/ ",  1m wide (French)

Canvas - Free freight  NZ$ for 1m or more
  For amounts that differ from metre lengths please contact us.

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Tapestry Cats & Dogs
Tapestry Cats & Dogs

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