Paper Tole (Three dimensional decoupage) is the fascinating art of making realistic three dimensional pictures from a number of flat artist's prints.  The effect is achieved by cutting, shaping and reassembling the paper pieces to give a three dimensional image.   The design can be finished with glaze to create the look of procelain and then placed into a deeply recessed frame to give a stunning result.

Little is known about the history of this craft but it is assumed that it evolved from the flat style of decoupage which was popular in Venice during the seventeenth century.   Heavily lacquered and embellished furniture from China and Japan was very fashionable at that time.  The Venetian craftsmen developed a way of copying it by cutting out paper designs and setting them into place under layers of lacquer.  The finished result looks as if the detail was inlaid.  It was called arte povero.

The craft was given the name decoupage (from the verb decouper meaning 'to cut') when it moved to France.  Marie Antionette and her court would spend many happy hours cutting out paper shapes.  Sadly, there were no special prints available at the time and so many valuable paintings were destroyed by the ladies practicing the craft.

Taken from the book Creative 3-Dimensional Decoupage by Debbie Sellers.

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The Wedding
The Wedding

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Three Dimensional Papercraft Creative Three Dimensional Decoupage
Three Dimensional Papercraft Creative Three
Dimensional Decoupage

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