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These motifs have been a boon for our youngest child - when you are tube-feeding (g-tube) you can simply iron the motif onto the clothing, cut a hole in the fabric and then the garment doesn't fray. As an added bonus the motif itself provides support for the tubing and helps to reduce discomfort for an active person.

We've personally used these on hand-knits as well as commercial clothing.

pink heart motif white heart motif blue star motif yellow star motif


white star motif white teddy bear motif yellow duck motif red strawberry motif


white sheep motif pink rabbit motif yellow sticking plaster motif


baseball motif basketball motif American football motif pink Dinosaur motif


dummy motif yellow rocket motif

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Gastrostomy Motifs - free freight

Rocket Motif - Free Freight, NZ$ 14.40