Little Tom - Clothing and more

for premature and smaller babies.


Welcome to Little Tom - now under the umbrella of Goldingcraft.

A brief word about us - Little Tom has come about from a parent's understanding of the unique needs and requirements of premature and smaller babies.

For all three of our children we found that commercial premature sizes were generally too large and doll clothes are not the correct shape. Plus, of course, baby clothes must meet fire and sewing safety requirements.

We have located clothing and other items for smaller babies that can be worn with pride and which make them look like 'real people'.

When wearing correctly fitting clothes it's easier for the baby to get warm and stay warmer. It also makes a difference developmentally as the baby is able to lie more naturally and find their hands and feet without difficulty. 

As we are only by appointment please call 0800-555-585 to visit us personally in Porirua or browse online for free delivery.


Little Tom,  PO Box 50300,  Porirua 5240,  New Zealand

Ph 0800-555-585

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