We have access to a lampshade manufacturer so can have lampshades made to order.

Please contact us with your dimensions and style so that we may quote for your approval.

Remember to specify whether the light fitting is to be at the top or bottom and where you want it placed - flush or a certain height up or down.

PLASTIC FOR LINING  -  Plastic Sheet (also called Mylar or Acetate) is generally used behind the fabric.

Roll it around the shade and glue your fabric to the acetate.

Always remember to use a bulb appropriate for the heat being produced.

Clear (5700022),  1400mm wide x 0.5mm thick or White (305001), 915mm wide x 0.45mm thick. This is priced by the metre and you can order whatever length you require.

Item # 5700022 - Clear Item # 305001 - White
NZ$ 35.20/ metre
NZ$ 25.90/ metre

The shopping cart doesn't like part metres so if you need something other than a round figure please contact me

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