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Beaded Ornaments to Knit Dishcloths by the Dozen (Knit & Crochet) Nordic Felted Knits
Beaded Ornaments to Knit

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Dishcloths By The Dozen (Knit & Crochet)

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Nordic Felted Knits

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Knitted Meerkats by Sue Stratford Knitted Fairies to Cherish and Charm by Fiona McDonald Knitted Cakes by Susan Penny
Knitted Meerkats - 20 different patterns by Sue Stratford

Free freight, NZ$ 42.90

Knitted Fairies to cherish & charm by Fiona McDonald

NZ$ 39.70

Ten fantastical fairies, each measuring approximately 40cm from top to toe, and all with their own character and style. They include a dark Gothic fairy, an enigmatic moon fairy, a cool ice fairy and even Oberon, the king of the fairies himself. Using a basic body pattern, each fairy is dressed in its own costume, complete with wings, in a range of yarns and other embellishments
Knitted Cakes - 20 different patterns by Susan Penny

Free freight, NZ$ 19.95

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Knitted Bears by Val Pierce Knitted Flowers by Susie Johns Knitted Aliens by Fiona McDonald Knitted Vegetables by Susie Johns Knitted Fruit by Susie Johns
Knitted Bears - 20 different patterns by Val Pierce

Free freight, NZ$ 23.90

All the bears are based on the same, simple knitted bear, instructions for which are provided at the beginning of the book. There are then 20 designs, including a hiking bear complete with boots and a backpack, a beach-loving bikini bear, a sweet honey bee bear, and a pretty pink ballet dancer, each with its own knitted outfit and accessories.

Knitted Flowers - 20 different patterns by Susie Johns

Free freight, NZ$ 23.90

Knitted Aliens - 20 different patterns by Fiona McDonald

Free freight, NZ$ 22.70

20 designs with 20 alternatives

Knitted Vegetables - 20 different patterns by Susie Johns

Free freight, NZ$ 19.95

20 patterns ranging from everyday carrots and peas to more exotic chilli peppers and artichokes.

Knitted Fruit - 20 different patterns by Susie Johns

Free freight, NZ$ 23.90

These novelty knitting projects range from quick and easy to more challenging, and cover apples, pears, mangoes, grapes, cherries and more there's even a banana to unzip.

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Mini Christmas Knits by Sue Stratford Knitted Historical Figures Knitted Cats Knitted Dogs
Mini Christmas Knits by Sue Stratford

Free freight, NZ$ 23.90

Twenty different projects, with alternatives in different colour schemes. There are mini Christmas stockings, a holly wreath, reindeer, a snowman, a robin, an egg cosy, a star, a Christmas pudding, gingerbread hearts, a mini Christmas sweater and much more.

Knitted Historical Figures by Jan Messent

Free freight, NZ$ 30.00

Knitted Cats & Dogs by Joy Gammon

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20 Knitted Mug Hugs 75 Shells, Corals and Sea Creatures The Art of Shetland Lace
20 Knitted Mug Hugs by Val Pierce

Free delivery, NZ$ 19.95

75 Shells, Corals & Sea Creatures to knit and crochet by Jessica Polka

128 pages and 75 projects

Free delivery, NZ$ 48.50

The Art of Shetland Lace

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