Hardanger embroidery, as we know it today, is a form of openwork which originated in the south western Norwegian fjord country of Hardanger. Its origins are unclear, but it is known that hardanger reached Norway from Italy during the seventeenth century.

Norwegian women used to grow their own flax, then spin and weave it into the double weave linen that was traditionally used. Thread from the same flax was also used for the embroidery. Bed linen, household linen and national costumes were embroidered.

Traditional hardanger embroidery is worked on white linen or cotton that has between 22 and 55 threads to the inch. White linen thread is used for the embroidery. The embroidery itself is based on the 'kloster block', which is five satin stitches worked over four threads. These are, usually sewn at an angle, with the corners of each kloster block connecting to the next kloster block. The satin stitch edge of each kloster block is where the threads are cut and withdrawn for the needleweaving. Other stitches are used to enhance the embroidery, such as lazy daisy, double cable and variations on needleweaving. Buttonhole stitch is used around the edge, but sometimes a combination of needleweaving and buttonhole stitch is used for a delicate, lacy edge.

Hardanger is very precise and takes time and effort to accomplish well, but is very rewarding to do. Do not be in too much of a hurry when first learning. Large projects may take some weeks from beginning to end. You should always enjoy creating with a needle and thread.


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Wedding Splendor in Hardanger Hardanger Workbook

Hardanger Christmas

Teach Yourself Hardanger Embroidery

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Wedding Splendor in Hardanger

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Hardanger Workbook

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Hardanger Christmas

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For This Child I Prayed Forget Me Not This Day I Will Marry

Spring Hardanger Table Runner

For This Child I Prayed

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Forget  Me Not

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This Day I Will Marry

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Spring Hardanger Table Runner

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Elegant Treasures - 3 designs by Terry Lee Capps

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