Perhaps you remember the soft, fuzzy feel on greeting cards, textured wallpaper, or inside jewellery boxes? Add a rich, colourful, soft velvety finish in minutes.  Enhance the decorative appeal of hundreds of items with the brilliant colours and soft finish of Suede-Tex Fibres.  It's so easy to use.

Step One : Coat the surface with the the clear Water Based Adhesive which is especially formulated for flocking. Your brush should glide easily through the adhesive - if it feels tacky then mist it lightly with water. Immediately apply the Flock.

Step Two : Apply the Soft Flock or Suede-Tex fibres using the Mini Flocker or, for smaller areas, use the applicator bottle, a sieve or spoon. Allow your project to dry and then remove the excess fibres which can be reused by simply holding your project upside down to allow any excess Flock to fall off. Do NOT tap or shake.

Air drying will make a durable finish however for a truly permanent result, heat your oven to 150 degrees (C) and then place your project in the oven for 5 minutes.

The result is a suede like, soft durable finish with an even nap for a professional finish.  The Suede-Tex fibres are available in a 3oz bag and will cover approximately 15 square feet whilst the Soft Flock Fibres come in 1/2oz bags and will cover approximately 2 square feet.



This is a clear glue that has been specially formulated to brush on smoothly and with enough thickness to hold the fibres until dried.  The adhesive comes in a 4oz bottle, which is enough for 4 packages of Soft Flock Fibres. Cleans up with water.



The Mini Flocker is an applicator used to separate and propel the Flock fibres into the adhesive, creating a suede like professional finish.  Easy to open and load, it is just as simple to empty in preparation for the next colour.


Item # 6660935 - Mini Flocker Applicator Item # 6660965 - Bottle Flocker Applicator Item # 6660404 - Soft Flock Water Based Adhesive
Mini Flocker Applicator Flocking Bottle Applicator Soft Flock Fibres & Adhesive

Mini Flocker Puffer Applicator

Freight Free NZ$ 49.95

Bottle Flocker Applicator - great for smaller areas

Freight Free NZ$ 29.95 or $ 7.95 with a bag of flock

Bottle Flocker - 6660965
   Item # 6660404 - Soft Flock Water Based Adhesive - free freight, NZ$ 56.60

Item # 7857790
Face Mask
Pack of 50 with a stiff, bendable edge to help mould the mask to your face.

Disposable 3 ply Face Mask

Disposable 3 ply Face Mask - delivery included

Rayon Flock made from wood pulp, 0.75mm. Recommended for indoor use.

0.5oz Flock - Freight Free NZ$ 37.70

Item # 6660601BK - 0.5oz Black Soft Flock Fibres
Item # 6660601BL - 0.5oz Blue Soft Flock Fibres
Item # 6660601BN - 0.5oz Brown Soft Flock Fibres
Item # 6660601CY - 0.5oz Canary Yellow Soft Flock Fibres
Item # 6660601CG - 0.5oz Charcoal Grey Soft Flock Fibres
Item # 6660601GD - 0.5oz Gold Soft Flock Fibres
Item # 6660601HG - 0.5oz Hunter Greeen Soft Flock Fibres
Item # 6660601MB - 0.5oz Medium Blue/ Royal Soft Flock Fibres
Item # 6660601NV - 0.5oz Navy Soft Flock Fibres
Item # 6660601RD - 0.5oz Bright Red Soft Flock Fibres
Item # 6660601WH - 0.5oz White Soft Flock Fibres
Item # 6660601WN - 0.5oz Wine Soft Flock Fibres
0.5oz Flock - Freight Free NZ$ 37.70

Package offers - please select the option from the box and e-mail us your colour selection for matching with your request

Flock Package offers - free freight, NZ$

Item # 6660603BK -  3oz Black SuedeTex Fibres
Item # 6660603BN -  3oz Brown SuedeTex Fibres
Item # 6660603BL -  3oz Blue SuedeTex Fibres
Item # 6660603HG -  3oz Hunter Green SuedeTex Fibres
Item # 6660603RD -  3oz Bright Red SuedeTex Fibres
Item # 6660603WH - 3oz White SuedeTex Fibres
3oz Flock - Freight Free NZ$ 69.90

Nylon Fock made from petroleum, 1mm. Fade resistant and, when a waterproof adhesive (such as a slow-drying enamel paint similar to the type used on outdoor furniture) is used, suitable for outdoor uses such as decoys, car dashboards and for making non-slip surfaces.

Item # 6660703BK - 3oz Black Nylon Flock Fibres
Item # 6660703HG - 3oz Hunter Green Nylon Flock Fibres
3oz Nylon Flock - Freight Free NZ$ 99.95

Package offers - please select the option from the box and e-mail us your colour selection for matching with your request 

Nylon Flock Package offers - free freight, NZ$


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