Chicken Scratch is a revival of a lovely old needlecraft which has been known by many names. You may know it as, Depression Lace, Chinese Pinwheel, Tic Tac Toe Embroidery, Hoover Star, Mountain Lace, Gingham Lace, Norwegian Embroidery, Snowflake Embroidery or Amish Embroidery. It is even mistakenly called Teneriff Embroidery because of the needleweaving employed in both techniques. Teneriff embroidery is much more complicated, with more involved needleweaving than Chicken Scratch.

Although its origin is uncertain, it probably dates back to early America, and spread across America as the settlers moved westward. Hence, the many different names. A combination of simple embroidery stitches and a basic needleweaving stitch, when worked on gingham fabric, results in a beautiful lace effect that looks like it took hours to accomplish. When worked on the evenweaves, it takes on the appearance of an intricate blackwork.

Whatever you may call it, we are delighted to help revive the easy method of making this layered lace work on gingham we call Chicken Scratch.


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More Chicken Scratch & Candlewicking

Even More Chicken Scratch

Chicken Scratch For All Occasions

More Chicken Scratch & Candlewicking by Stephanie Seabrook Hedgepath & Harry D Hedgepath

Over 30 designs and instructions

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Even More Chicken Scratch

Free freight, NZ$ 15.80

Chicken Scratch For All Occasions

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Pillow Kit - Butterflies

Pillow Kit - Country Weathervane


Free freight, NZ$ 12.95

Country Weathervane

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Each kit makes one 14" x 14" pillow and contains:


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