Rattan Core cane is machined from the pithy centre of the rattan vine.  Because it is processed it is available in many accurate sizes.  It is popular for basketry and other craft work  because it is very pliable when wet and will readily accept dyes and stains.


Peel cane is mainly used for weaving patterned screens and chair seats, but can also be used for binding handles.

Peel Cane is $ 686.90/ kg so please contact us with your requirements and it can be weighed up for you.

Pith Cane comes in coils of approx. 500gm or kg, depending upon the thickness and is sold by the coil. For smaller amounts please contact us and it can be weighed out - please note that freight is additional for part coils.

Item # 185003 - 6.0mm Peel Cane
Item # 185008 - 4.0mm Peel Cane
Item # 185007 - 3.0mm Peel Cane
Item # 1854003 - 1.5mm Round Pith Cane
Item # 1854004 - 2.0mm Round Pith Cane
Item # 1854005 - 2.5mm Round Pith Cane
Item # 1854006 - 3.0mm Round Pith Cane
Item # 1854007 - 3.5mm Round Pith Cane
Item # 1854008 - 4.0mm Round Pith Cane
Item # 1854010 - 5.0mm Round Pith Cane
Item # 1854011 - 5.5mm Round Pith Cane
Item # 1854012 - 6.0mm Round Pith Cane
Item # 1854014 - 7.0mm Round Pith Cane
Item # 1854016 - 8.0mm Round Pith Cane
Item # 1854020 - 10.0mm Round Pith Cane
Item # 1854022 - 12.0mm Round Pith Cane
Item # 1854043 - 7.0mm Flat/Oval Pith Cane
Pith Cane, approx. 500gm Coil, Free Freight
Pith Cane, approx. 1kg Coil, Free Freight


Sea grass cord is a twisted product which looks like fine rope or coarse string.  When new, it is the colour of freshly mown grass but mellows to a rich golden colour as it ages.  It is used in the making of sea grass chairs and as a decorative material in basketry and other crafts. Our standard size is 3.5/ 4mm thick however other weights can be ordered by request and they are approximately 450gm coils. The standard 3.5/ 4mm is approximately 65m long.

Item # 185401
Sea Grass Cord, Freight paid, NZ$


Sheet cane is a machine woven product which is used as seating on some antique and modern chairs or screens.  This type of seating is usually fitted into a continuous narrow groove cut into the top surface of the seat frame and held in place with Wedge Cane and glue.              

Item # 185223 - 18" Woven Chair Seating
Item # 185224 - 24" Woven Chair Seating
Item # 185225 - Wedge Cane.  Used to fasten Chair Seating in Place. This is priced by the 500gm coil however, again, this is too much for most projects so please contact us with your requirements and it can be weighed up for you.

Peel Cane is $ 686.90/ kg (which is a very large quantity of cane) so please contact us with your requirements and it can be weighed up for you. This is used for attaching sheet cane where the item has holes rather than the groove for wedge.

The free freight option below is for full metre or roll quantities - for smaller quantities, please contact us.

Cane Seating and Wedge - Free Freight


Item # 18485011 Item # 18485030
Replacing Chair Seats with Cane Webbing Replacing Chair Seats with Caning
Replacing Chair Seats with Cane Webbing

Contact us for availability

Replacing Chair Seats with Caning

Contact us for availability


Natural Raffia is about 8mm wide however the width varies in the skein.

Each skein is about 800gm and for different quantities please contact us


Item # 185047

Free freight, NZ$ 54.95/ skein


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