Superfine Drum Carder

Item # ADCSF   Superfine Drum Carder  -  free freight, NZ$ 759.00

Effortlessly prepare all fibres including alpaca, angora, cashmere, dog hair, llama and merino.

Super Fine Drum Carder

120 Point Cloth

Ratio of 4:1 for fast creative blending of slivers and colours as well as 6:1 for smooth, controlled carding of fleeces and fibres.

Adjustable drum clearance so that you can set the gap to suit your fibre

20cm carding width

Makes a 50gm batt with a finished batt size of 60 x 20cm

Comes assembled and lacquered with a weight of 5kg and includes a packer brush to smooth and control fine low crimp fibres such as alpaca, angora and silk and to pack more fibres onto the drum.

Cleaning brush, doffer and clamps also included.

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