6/ " White 76cm wide (US)

14/ " Black 76cm wide (US)

14/ " White 1.5m wide (French or US)

14/ " Ecru/ Cream 1.5m wide (French)

14/" Ivory/ Butter 1.5m wide (US)

18/ " White 1.5m wide (French or US)

18/ " Ecru/ Cream 1.5m wide (French)

18/ " Ivory/ Butter 1.5m wide (US)

Aida - Free freight  NZ$ for 1m or more
For amounts that differ from metre lengths please contact us.


12/ " and 14/" White Interlock Canvas, 1m wide (US)

Smyrna Canvas, 3.25/ ", 1m wide (French)

Soudan Canvas, 5/ ",  1m wide (French)

Canvas - Free freight  NZ$ for 1m or more
  For amounts that differ from metre lengths please contact us.


Cushions worked on Soudan canvas by Graeme Wise


Bargello Embroidery Blackwork Embroidery Charms Chicken Scratch Embroidery Christmas Stockings Craft Frames Craft Web Designs Crewel Embroidery Cross Stitch Embellished Cushions Embroidery Books Hardanger Embroidery Long Stitch Embroidery Magnifiers Needle Punch Embroidery Floss Boxes Plastic Canvas Redwork EmbroideryRibbon Embroidery Embroidery Smocking Stamped Needlework The Sweetheart Tree Pre Printed Tapestries Twin Pointed Needles

Item # 1176801 - Ruler Magnifier
Ruler Magnifier
2x Magnification with a place-holder reading line. Inch & Metric up to 8"/ 20cm with a curved design to harness ambient light

NZ$ 21.30 with free freight


Item # 1489412 Item # 1480810
Spring Embroidery Hoop
7" Spring Embroidery Hoop - perfect for machine embroidery. Pinch the metal handle, insert your fabric and let the metal hoop spring back into place.

Free freight, NZ$ 19.20 each

Plastic Floss Bobbins - pack of 25

Free freight, NZ$ 5.80


Item # 8175010

Third Hand with Clamp

One of the most useful tools for the needle worker.  Consists of a clamp and spring loaded, rubber tipped pincher grip.  Will securely hold one end of your work while you hold the other when embroidering, running hem stitches or darning.  Clamp section includes pin cushion and protection pad so as not to harm clamping surface.

Third Hand with Clamp

 Free freight, NZ$ 19.90


Item # 6374241 Item # 6377421
Rectangle Tri-Fold Cards Oval Tri-Fold Cards
Square Ivory Tri-Fold Cut-Out Cards, 82mm cut-out, pack of 5 with envelopes, acid free paper

Free freight, NZ$ 27.60

Oval Ivory Tri-Fold Cut-Out Cards, 65 x 87mm cut-out, pack of 10 with envelopes, acid free paper

Free freight, NZ$ 27.60


Item # 9834000

Acrylic Coaster

8cm Acrylic Coaster - includes cork backing and Aida cloth

Free freight, NZ$ 16.60


Item # 8170001

Item # 4900104

Wooden Needle Case

3.5" Gold Stork Scissors

Wooden Needle Case
(needles not included)

Free freight, NZ$ 21.20/ pack of 3

3.5" Gold Stork Scissors

Free freight, NZ$ 15.60


Item # 4900105

Item # 4900116CG

Item # 4900116SG

3.5" Embroidery Scissor

Free freight, NZ$ 11.90

    2.5" Curved Scissors - G for Gold                S for Silver
Curved Scissors - Free freight
   2.5" Straight Scissors - G for Gold            S for Silver
2.5" Scissors - Free freight


TAPESTRY NEEDLES - packs of 5 with free delivery
Item # 6700023 -   # 13 Tapestry Needles  NZ$ 7.90
Item # 6700024 -   # 16 Tapestry Needles  NZ$ 5.90
Item # 6700024a - # 18 Tapestry Needles  NZ$ 3.00
Item # 6700025 -   # 20 Tapestry Needles  NZ$ 3.00
Item # 6700026 -   # 22 Tapestry Needles  NZ$ 2.90
Item # 6700027 -   # 24 Tapestry Needles  NZ$ 2.50
Item # 6700028 -   # 26 Tapestry Needles  NZ$ 2.50
Tapestry Needles are also available in bulk and other pack sizes so please ask for a quote as needed.
Tapestry Needles - packs of 5 with free delivery


                               Aluminium Oxide Polishing Powder


Grade A10 0060 OSO

Use for pin cushion filling to keep needles polished and sharp.

Add to paint for non-slip surfaces - stairs, boat decks, ramps.

Polishing powder for tumbling stones.

Item # 123001- 1kg bag

Item # 123002- 5kg bag

Aluminium Oxide - free freight, NZ$


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