Item # 1891810 Claycrete Item # 1891821 Sculptamold Item # 1893301 - Crea-Stone Item # 42070001 - Casting Resin
Claycrete Sculptamold Crea-Stone Casting Resin
1lb Bag

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3lb Bag

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5lb Box - Natural Colour

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0901 - 1kg Black

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Also see Resin


Dries white.  It is easy to prepare, easy to model, very economical and exceptionally white when dried at room temperature.  Finished projects are very lightweight.  100% pure paper pulp is ready to use instantly after being mixed with water.  Claycrete will start to set in about half an hour, at which time fine modelling and smoothing of the surface is easily achieved.  More Claycrete can be added at any time during the modelling process.  Mix only as much as can be used in half an hours modelling time.

Claycrete will not stick to your hands or tools, making it exceptionally easy to work with.  Claycrete dries best slowly at room temperature, however drying time could be shortened if dried in the sun or in an oven at 65 degrees Celsius.  Claycrete must be thoroughly dry before painting or decorating.

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Crea-Stone is a lightweight, stone-like material in powder form that you can mix with water and cast into shapes planned for sculpture, plaques and various art forms.  If kept moist, it can be sculpted and carved with ease for a long time.

When completely dry, Crea-Stone is stone hard with a rough, granite like texture, lighter than stone, permanent and weather proof.  Modelling Tools may be used to add detail.

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Item # 401010 - Plaster of Paris is a high density casting plaster.  Sold in 2kg and 20kg bags.

Additives can be added to plaster.

Item # 401012  -  20kg bags, $ 41.80 + $ 20.00 freight within the North Island = $ 61.80

Item # 401012  -  20kg bags, $ 41.80 + $ 30.00 freight within the South Island = $ 71.80


Sculptamold is a dry, white, non-toxic compound that combines the best features of clay, plaster, and papier mache.  After shaking closed bag to thoroughly blend contents, add water to Sculptamold as directed on bag and begin modelling.  Sculptamold sets in 30 minutes, so prepare only as much as can be used in a half hour of modelling time.

Sculptamold clings to almost all clean surfaces and does not shrink so it can be applied to an armature or any core without fear of cracking.  Finished pieces are very lightweight, strong and durable, and may be carved, sanded or shaped with tools.

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Item # 1892772

This versatile mould making material is easy to use - simply melt it and then brush it on and allow to harden.  Ideal for use with three dimensional objects, making face masks, casting hands etc.  Moulds made with Flexwax can be re melted and used again and again.

Flexwax melts at 120F (49C> WHEN COOLED TO 70F (21C), it becomes a solid, tough, yet flexible mould.

Free Freight, NZ$ 99.90


Flexwax (2.5lbs or 1.13kg)

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