MagVu Handsfree Magnifier The new MagVu magnifier is indispensable for viewing fine detail for people of any level of visual ability, from very good to very poor. MagVu is also very effective over prescription glasses. Many people who have difficulty reading or can read only with a hand held magnifier in front of their spectacles, can now read hands free and at ease with this state of the art concept. MagVu come with two pairs of interchangeable optical lenses of 2.5 times and 4.0 times magnification. Enlargement is in 3-D without the fumbling that can occur with single lens magnifiers.

The magnifier is worn on the head in a position in which the general field of view can be seen over the top of the lenses. The magnifier is extremely light, the complete assembly weighs less than 50 grams. Self adjusting head band fits all head sizes. The lenses can be swung out of the way when not in use.

Item # 4190001


MagVu application 01MagVu application 02Magvu application 03Magvu application 04

Many people who have had to give up their life time work, or favourite hobby, have found that with MagVu they can get back to productive work or fruitful hobbies with pleasure and satisfaction to themselves and all concerned.

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