(Bon Bons)

Special occasions are exactly that, special. Give your dinner party, birthday party or anniversary celebration that extra "BANG" and personal touch with a Cracker (Bon Bon).
Celebrate the occasion by making a traditional English Cracker (Bon Bon). Fill it with special treats and have fun when you share your Cracker with family or friends.
We have the "Snaps" which make your crackers go bang. They are available in Item # 4430010 - Packets of 10 snaps with full colour instructions or Item # 4430011 - bulk bundles of 144 snaps.

                                                       Only for sale in New Zealand due to shipping restrictions.

Packs of 10 - NZ$ 7.50 + $ 6.70 delivery - SORRY, SOLD OUT UNTIL MID 2017
Packs of 144 loose Snaps - NZ$ 55.00 with free delivery  - SORRY, SOLD OUT UNTIL MID 2017

To make a really delightful cracker, you will need.


Jokes (Item # 662226) - sheets with 10 jokes/ sheet - $ 1.00 with free delivery when included with Snaps or for 5 sheets or more. For less than 5 single sheets, please contact us.



Cracker Making Instructions

With a friend, each hold the snap, then give it a quick sharp pull for the BANG.

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